Office of the Sheriff
Towns County, GA
Sheriff Christopher M. Clinton
2008 press
Sheriff's Office personnel completed and returned a new
application and background questionnaire on January 2.  
The application and background check, based on
standards, are part of the ongoing effort of Sheriff Clinton
to increase professionalism at Towns County Sheriff's

Two more felony drug arrests were made this week in a
case worked by the ADTF.  Julie Ash of Hiawassee is
charged with fraudulently obtaining two prescription
drugs, Xanax and Lortab.

Beginning January 7, 2008, Sheriff Clinton implements a
new policy and procedures manual based on
standards, as well, Towns County Sheriff's Office receives
a Chaplain and the citizen review board is in the works.
Towns County Home Owner's
Association donates $500 to
the Towns County Sheriff's
Office's equipment fund.
Captain Mark Henderson (left) is seen with a marijuana plant
discovered in the city of Hiawassee.  Police Chief Jimmy Wright
asked for the assistance of Towns County Sheriff's Office after he
received a tip.  Over $11,000 in cash was seized from the residence
(right).  Mike Wine of Hiawassee, GA was arrested and charged
with manufacturing marijuana, possession with intent to
distribute and felony possession of marijuana.  The investigation
is ongoing.
Track hoe removes
rubble in search of
the cause of the
Det. Brian Wilson
ponders the
Two men
escape injury in
this back room.
A section of the
house's roof sits
atop the shed
A section of roof from
the house is blown
onto the shed garage
causing it to cave in
on the cars below.
Plywood, likely from
the roof system of
the house, is blown
into a tree
approximately 30
feet from the house.
A window
blown into the
A window hangs in a
ATF agents sift
through debris
searching for cause
of explosion.
Deputies complete firearms training with their new Glock pistols.  
Their former .40 caliber pistols were not tactically sound and
presented safety issues and liability for the department.  Five of
the pistols would not extract the first spent round, leaving
deputies carrying those pistols vulnerable.  However, Glock
offered top dollar trade-in for the old weapons and Sheriff Clinton
was able to use money from drug seizures, as well as donations
from the community to purchase the new Glock pistols.  Also
purchased were light systems for the weapons and new holsters to
accommodate the new weapons with light systems attached, as
well as upgraded sights, fiber optic/tritium, for enhanced night
viewing of targets.
Deputies Harris and
Loyd pair up for
dry- fire drills.
Sheriff Chris Clinton
and Gilmer County
SO firearms
instructor, Captain
Tim McArthur, at
the range.
Sheriff Clinton
teaches deputies about
seven fundamentals of
This burned home in the city of Hiawassee, thought to be an
accidental fire, is now considered an arson after investigators
received information and gained a confession.  Three people
are facing charges of arson and conspiracy to commit
insurance fraud.  In August, the Wheelers, as well as many
others were, arrested for their involvement in a narcotics
See the media release by Towns County Sheriff's Office
The staff at Towns County Sheriff's Office would like to congratulate the Towns County High football team on their
accomplishments this season and winning MyFox Atlanta's High 5 Sports Team of the Week.  The videos below are the
videos shot this morning at TCHS by Fox 5.  Click the "play" button on the viewer when the sites pop up.  If you find
there are problems, please email

MyFox Atlanta High 5 Team of the Week: Towns County Video I

MyFox Atlanta High 5 Team of the Week: Towns County Video II

MyFox Atlanta High 5 Team of the Week: Towns County Video III
Sheriff Clinton speaks to
the Towns County
Retired Teachers'
Association.  He spoke of
safety tips for seniors.      
"This truck seized in a drug bust" is what is stated on the tailgate.  
During a March 16th, 2008 drug interdiction training exercise, where
a pound of marijuana and 2.5oz. of cocaine were discovered inside this
truck, it was seized by Towns County Sheriff's Office.  The truck was
only recently awarded to the sheriff's office by the state.  Sheriff Chris
Clinton said it takes time to have seizures awarded.  "It's a long,
drawn-out process of paperwork, but definitely worth the wait."  In the
summer, the truck will be used to pull the sheriff's office boat for patrol
on Lake Chatuge.  Currently, it is being used by Towns County Sheriff's
Office's Criminal Investigations Division.  See the press release